ESAC 2016 JWST Workshop

In anticipation of the first JWST call for proposals in late 2017 the European Space Agency is organizing a series of workshops to engage and inform the astronomical community.  The first workshop in this series took  place at ESA's European Space Astronomy Center (ESAC) near Madrid on September 26-28, 2016.  The main goal of this first workshop was to present  to help prospective JWST users to select the best observing modes to achieve their science goals.

The following observing modes were presented at the workshop:

  • Imaging
  • Coronagraphy
  • Single Object Spectroscopy
  • Slitless Spectroscopy
  • Multi Object Spectroscopy
  • Time Series Spectroscopy
  • Integral Field Spectroscopy
  • Moving Targets







Slides - Video Welcome - Esa Science Space Program M. Kessler ESA
  Introduction and Logistics M . Sirianni ESA
Session 1:  Project Status and Policies
Slides - Video JWST Project Status P. Ferruit ESA
Slides - Video JWST Operations J. Valenti STScI
Slides - Video JWST Science Policies N. Ried STScI
Session 2: Detectors and IR Background
Slides - Video Near Infrared Detectors M. Sirianni ESA
Slides - Video MIRI Detectors D. Dicken CEA - Saclay
Slides - Video IR Background for JWST M. Garcia Marin ESA
Session 3: Imaging Mode
Slides - Video Imaging with NIRCam M. Robberto STScI
Slides - Video Imaging with NIRISS A. Fullerton STScI
Slides - Video Imaging with MIRI A. Glasse UK ATC
Slides - Video Imaging Summary Talk J. Kriss STScI
  Imaging Q&A Open Session    
Session 4: Multi Object Spectroscopy
Slides - Video Slitless Spectroscopy with NIRCam E. Egami Steward Obs.; UA
Slides - Video Slitless Spectroscopy with NIRISS C. Willott CADC; NRC
Slides - Video NIRspec MOS T. Boeker ESA
Slides - Video Demo NIRSpec MOS Planning Tool D. Karakla STScI
  MOS Q&A Open Session    
Session 5: Single Object Spectroscopy and Time Series Spectroscopy
Slides - Video SOS with NIRSpec S. Birkmann ESA
Slides - Video SOS with NIRISS C. Willott CADC; NRC
Slides - Video SOS with NIRCAM T. Greene NASA/AMES
Slides - Video SOS with MIRI S. Kendrew ESA
Slides - Video SOS summary Talk J. Valenti STScI
  SOS Q&A open session    
Session 6: Coronagraphy and Moving Targets
Slides - Video Coronography wih MIRI P. Bouchet CEA- Saclay
Slides - Video Coronography with NIRCAM C. Beicham NExScI
Slides - Video Cornography summary tak L. Pueyo STScI
Slides - Video Observing Moving Targets with JWST J. Stansberry STScI
Session 7: Integral Field Spectroscopy
Slides - Video IFS with NIRSpec N. Lutzgendorf ESA
Slides - Video IFS with MIRI A. Labiano INTA
Slides - Video IFS summary Talk L. Colina CAB-CSIG
  IFS Q&A Open Session    
Session 8: Science Parallels, Tools and Pipeline
Slides - Video Parallel Observations N. Reid STScI
Slides - Video STScI Tools for JWST Users J. Velenti STScI
Slides - Video JWST Pipeline and Data Products K. Gordon STScI
Session 9: Demonstrations
Slides - Video Demo: Exposure Time Calculator D. Karakle STScI

Slides - Video


NIRSpec Simulation data Package G. Giardino ATG Europe/ESA

Slides - Video


MIRI Sumulation data Package P. Klaassen UK-ATC
Slides - Video Demonstration of ESASky B. Merin ESA
Session 10: Conclusion
Slides - Video Future Workshop and Events M. Sirianni ESA
  Conclusions P. Ferruit ESA

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Two additional ESA workshops will be held before the JWST launch :

ESAC 2017 JWST WORKSHOP - Planning your JWST Observations - [get set]   (4-6 October 2017)

ESAC 2018 JWST WORKSHOP - JWST Data reduction and analysis tools - [go !] (Spring 2018)



for information contact: jwst_2016@sciops.esa.int