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21/10/2016 Maintenance to Gaia Archive planned

On Tuesday 25 October 2016 the Gaia Archive will be taken offline shortly for maintenance. The archive webpage might not be reachable between 10:00 and 12:00 CEST. The planned maintenance should not affect any long running queries that are still in the queue and will probably last considerably less than the two hour period planned.

18/10/2016 Vacancy: ESA Research Fellowships in Space Science

ESA has announced an opportunity for post-doctoral research fellowships linked to its science missions, including Gaia. Applications can still be submitted since the deadline has been postponed until October 29, 2016. More details, including the detailed vacancies, can be found here. Additional information is provided on the Research Fellowship website.

06/10/2016 Vacancy: 2017 ESA traineeships in science

In 2017, ESA offers students a wide range of student internships. The deadline for applications for an ESTEC placement is 31 October 2016. Candidates interested in working in the Gaia Project Scientist team can contact the Gaia helpdesk for advice and further information. Information about the selection process and the terms and conditions is available on the ESA Careers page.

14/09/2016 Watch Replay of Gaia First Data Release Media Briefing

Livestreaming of the media briefing on the first data release from ESA’s Gaia mission started on 14 September at 09:30 GMT (11:30 CEST). The media briefing provided examples of the performance of the satellite and its science data, and highlighted the research that can be done with this first data release. Watch the replay of the briefing here.

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