AKARI Phase 3-II (Post-Helium) ESA Call for Proposals

This announcement dealt with observations to be performed in the AKARI post-Helium phase, in which imaging and spectroscopic capabilities are available in the 1.8 to 5.5 micron wavelength range. The Phase 3-II observation period starts on October 15th, 2009 for one year.

Resulting from ESA's participation in the mission, 10% of the total observing opportunities in the non-survey parts of the mission are reserved for programmes from individuals and teams from institutes located in ESA member states.

Japanese and Korean astronomers were referred to the parallel ISAS Call.

Deadline for submission

The deadline for proposals submission was 6 July, 2009, 9:00 UT.


  • AKARI Observer's Manual for Phase 3-II
    • A document which describes the mission, scientific instruments and observing modes, the instrument performance, including guidelines for the observation planning.
  • AKARI Observer's factsheet
    • A synoptic 2-pages overview of the mission and instrument capabilities, sensitivities and observing modes (AOTs).

Support Tools/Links

  • Target list Validity Check Tool
    • A web tool to check the format of a proposal target list.
  • Target Visibility Tool
    • A web tool to check target visibility.
  • Duplication Check Tool
    • A web tool to check duplication of a target list against nearby entries in the blocked target list.
  • DARTS Observation Log
  • iris_sky
    • An IDL tool developed at ISAS to browse IRAS and 2MASS images and overlay the AKARI Field-of-Views.

Proposal Submission Tool

  • Proposal Submission Tool

Additional information

For reference, the Call for the 1st year of observations can be found here. The AKARI Observers Page contains information about the observations performed in the cold and warm phases of the mission, the data archive and observing log, tools for data reduction and the associated documentation (Instrument Data User Manuals).


For any questions about the ESA AKARI Open Time observations, please consult the ESA AKARI Helpdesk