Mailing Lists Overview


Within Cosmos we maitain many mailing lists. Below is an overview of the various lists we populate. Most of them are public lists which can also be used by people who are not a member of the list.

Divisional Mailing Lists

All mailing lists within SCI are derived from the information in the Cosmos user database. In case you are not on a given list and you think you should be on it, please contact the divisional secretaries, they maintain your user record.

The SCI mailing lists for the mail domain are found here.

Project Mailing Lists

Several projects are using our mailing lists as well, which are derived from the teams of the project in Liferay. Below is an overview of the projects that have these team mailing lists.

Project List Overview
BepiColombo show overview
Comet Interceptor show overview
Euclid show overview
Exoplanet WG show overview
Gaia show overview
Herschel show overview
JUICE show overview
JWST show overview
Mars Express show overview
Planck show overview
PLATO show overview
SITU show overview
SMILE show overview
Solar Orbiter show overview