12/12/2015 LISA Pathfinder en-route to L1

Following the successful separation from the launch vehicle, the mission operations team at ESOC undertook one of the most complex Launch and Early Operations Phases (LEOP) ever undertaken or an ESA mission. The team commanded five apogee raising manoeuvres, which slowly boosted the elliptical orbit's apogee (furthest point from the earth). On the 6th manoeuvre, commanded on the 12/12/2015), LISA Pathfinder left the Earth behind and headed out towards its final orbit around the 1st Sun-Earth Lagrange point. It will take an additional 6 weeks to reach the final operational orbit.


03/12/2015 LISA Pathfinder successfully launches

At 04:04UTC on the 3rd December, LISA Pathfiner succsessfully launched on top of a VEGA launcher. The rockets first three stages burned for ~7minutes, followed by a nine minute buirn fo the rockets upper stage. This put LISA Pathfinder in a ballistic trajectory around earth. Approximatley 1hr 40minutes afetr launch, the upper stage fired again, placing LPF into its final parking orbit of 206kmx 1540km. Immediately after separating for the launcher, the mission operations tema at ESOC acquired the first signal from LISA Pathfinder, confirming ithe succesful launch and separation.


02/07/2015 Final environmental test has been successfully completed

The final environmental test of the LISA Pathfinder development has been successfully passed this week. The Acoustic Noise test simulates the noise experienced by the launch composite during the first few seconds after launch (due to the main rocket engine). The launch composite must withstand noise levels of >140dB!


01/06/2015 Arrival of the LISA Technology Package Core Assembly at the IABG test centre

Today, the LISA Technology Package Core Assembly (LCA) arrived at the IABG test centre (Ottorbunn, Germany). The LCA will now be integrated to the spacecraft, forming the complete science module of LISA Pathfinder.


18/05/2015   LISA Pathfinder Qualification and Flight Acceptance Review kicks off

Today, the final major review of the LISA Pathfinder mission kicked off at ESTEC. This review, the Qualification Acceptance Review (Part 2) will culminate in the Flight Acceptance Review Board Meeting, scheduled for early September. Following the Board Meeting, LISA Pathfinder will be shipped to the European Launch Site in Kourour, French Guyana.


12/05/2015   Vibration testing of the LISA Pathfinder Core Assembly is successfully completed

Today, at the Airbus Defence and Space (Friedrichshafen) facility, the vibration testing of the LISA Pathfinder Core Assembly (LCA) was successfully completed. Following some workmanshp tests, the LCA will be delivered to the IABG testing facility near Munich, where it will be integrated to the spacecraft module.




Image of the Week

Image of the Week

Launch of LISA Pathfinder atop the VEGA launcher designated VV06

Credit: ESA - Stephane Corvaja


Meet the LPF team

Paul McNamara is the Project Scientist

of the LISA Pathfinder Mission.