Extinction coefficients in various passbands


Dustapprox is a set of tools to compute photometric extinction coefficients in a quick and dirty way in various passbands.

Extinction coefficients per passbands depend on both the source spectral energy distribution and on the extinction itself (e.g., Danielski et al. 2018, Gordon et al., 2016, Jordi et al., 2010 ). To first order, the shape of the SED through a given passband determines the mean photon wavelength and therefore the mean extinction through that passband. Of course, this also depends on the source spectral features in the passband and the dust properties.

Provided here is the methodology to compute approximation models of the extinction for a given passband as well as some precomputed models that are ready to use or integrate with larger projects. See the examples in the online documentation.



Published: 13 June 2022