Gaia Focused Product Release Papers


An overview is given below of the papers that were released with Gaia's Focused Product Release (Gaia FPR).


Mission paper

This paper provides an overview of the Gaia mission.

Description of the Gaia mission (spacecraft, instruments, survey and measurement principles)
Gaia Collaboration, Prusti, T., et al. (2016)


Gaia FPR Processing papers

These papers give technical details on the processing and calibration of the raw data and the path taken to arrive at the Gaia Focused Product Release. The processing papers are complementary to the Gaia Data Release Documentation for this Focused Product Release.


Astrometry and photometry from engineering images taken in the Omega Centauri region

Gaia Focused Product Release: Sources from Service Interface Function image analysis - half a million new sources in omega Centauri
Gaia Collaboration, K. Weingrill , et al. (arXiv) (ADS)

Extended radial velocity epoch data for Long Period Variables

Gaia Focused Product Release: Radial velocity time series of long-period variables
Gaia Collaboration, M. Trabucchi , et al. (arXiv) (ADS)

Updated astrometry for Solar System objects

Gaia Focused Product Release: Asteroid orbital solution
Gaia Collaboration, P. David , et al. (arXiv) (ADS)

Diffuse Interstellar Bands from aggregated RVS spectra

Gaia Focused Product Release: Spatial distribution of two diffuse interstellar bands
Gaia Collaboration, M. Schultheis , et al. (arXiv) (ADS)

The first results of quasars' environment analysis for gravitational lenses search

Gaia Focused Product Release: A catalogue of sources around quasars to search for strongly lensed quasars
Gaia Collaboration, A. Krone-Martins , et al. (arXiv) (ADS)


Gaia FPR documentation

The Gaia Focused Product Release documentation is available both as HTML pages as well as downloadable PDF.


Gaia EDR3 and Gaia DR3 documentation

Gaia Focused Product Release is complementary for some of the products (e.g. 'sources from Gaia's SIF imaging', 'Long Period Variables', 'Interstellar Medium: Diffuse Interstellar Bands', 'Gravitational Lensing') to the data, documentation and papers from Gaia's Early Data Release 3 and Gaia's Data Release 3.

Gaia Early Data Release 3 processing papers

Gaia Data Release 3 processing papers

Gaia Data Release 3 Documentation