Gaia's Focused Product Release


Gaia focuses on 5 data products with this Gaia Focused Product Release! What will be your focus? Variability? Interstellar Medium? Cosmology? Solar System? Globular Clusters?


Overview image of the Gaia Focused Product Release highlighting the five different focused products. Top left: radial velocity time series for long period variables; top right: diffuse interstellar bands; middle: gravitational lensing; bottom left: updated orbits for solar system objects; bottom right: additional stars from engineering images. Credits: ESA/Gaia/DPAC, middle image background Hubble Space Telescope.  Acknowledgements: created by Tineke Roegiers, based on material developed by the members of the Gaia Collaboration (top left: Michele Trabucchi, Nami Mowlavi, Thomas Lebzelter; top right: Mathias Schultheis, Rosanna Sordo; bottom left: Stefan Jordan, Toni Sagristà, Paolo Tanga with use of Gaia Sky; middle: A. Krone-Martins, C. Ducourant, L. Galluccio, Hubble Space Telescope;  bottom right: Katja Weingrill, Alexey Mints).