Interactive data access tool

The Hipparcos data access software provides tools to interrogate and display the Hipparcos data from overall statistics to the solution details for individual stars. It also provides access to large sets of ground-based photometric and spectroscopic data, where the Hipparcos information on (in particular) parallaxes can give insight into colour-index dependencies. Relevant calibration data are also made available.

Download the tool and data

The 2014 version of the tool is available as a compiled Java file. Download the .jar file here (4.7 MB). The data files can be downloaded from here (1.26 GB).

Getting started

After downloading the files, unzip the data files and run the .jar file (double click). This activates the main window from which all data access is run. All data files are contained in the data folder. Identifying the position of the data folder is done when the software is first run, or when the menu item Data Location is called. Also identified at this stage is a default location (folder or equivalent) for output files, such as PDF files of charts. The tool requires Java 8.

astrometrIC DATA

The intermediate astrometry data (IAD) corresponding to the 2014 Java tool data is accessible as ASCII files (see van Leeuwen and Michalik 2021). Please see the Hipparcos-2 page for the download link and for more information on the three variants that exist for the Hipparcos-2 (intermediate) astrometric data.

Documentation and Help

The full user manual is available here. In case of any questions or feedback, please send an email to Floor van Leeuwen.

Credits and license

The Hipparcos interactive data access tool by Floor van Leeuwen, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.