Research Fellows

Dedicating 100% of their time at ESA to pure research, Research Fellows in Space Science are a cornerstone of the ESA Space Science Faculty.

Research Fellows are located at ESAC (Madrid), ESTEC (the Netherlands) and the ESA Office at STScI (USA).

For information about applying for an ESA Research Fellowship, or more information in general, please contact Fellowship coordinator.


Current Research Fellows

Divided by research field:

  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Planetary Science
  • Solar & Terrestrial Science

Astronomy & AstrophysicS


William Alston


- X-ray astronomy
- Time series analysis
- Accretion and feedback physics
- Signatures of strong gravity
- Machine learning and statistics

Nuria Alvarez


- Blazars
- X-ray astronomy

Rachana Bhatawdekar


- High redshift galaxies
- Galaxy evolution
- SED fitting, photometric redshifts
- Gravitational lensing

Nicolas Crouzet


- Exoplanets
- Photometric surveys
- Instrumentation
- Astronomy and Astrophysics from Antarctica

Maximilian Günther


- Exoplanets and habitability
- Stellar flares and cool stars
- Machine learning and Bayesian statistics

Oliver Hall


- Asteroseismology of solar-like oscillators
- Stellar rotational evolution
- Gaussian Processes in the time domain
- Hierarchical Bayesian Models

Emilia Järvelä


- Narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies
- Multiwavelength observations

Tereza Jerabkova


- Star-formation
- Stellar populations (in star-clusters, galaxies)
- Star clusters
- Galaxy evolution
- Cosmic star-formation history

Sandor Kruk


- Galaxy morphology
- Euclid

Andrew Lobban


- X-ray data analysis
- Ultra-fast outflows from AGN
- Spectroscopy and timing analysis of black hole systems
- Multiwavelength variability studies of AGN

François Mernier


- Intracluster medium
- Stellar nucleosynthesis & chemical enrichment
- AGN feedback
- X-ray spectroscopy

Lyndsay Old


- Galaxy clusters
- Galaxy evolution
- Cosmology
- Large-scale structure

Emily Rickman


- Exoplanets
- Brown dwarfs
- Direct imaging and emission spectroscopy
- Proper motion anomalies in astrometry



Planetary science


Rickbir Bahia


- Martian geomorphology
- Martian river valleys and glacial systems
- Geospatial analysis of planetary data
- ExoMars rover simulations

Ines Belgacem


- Icy moons
- Photometry
- Remote sensing
- Image processing

Eleni Bohacek


- Planetary geology
- Remote sensing
- Computer vision

Lisanne Braat


- Geomorphology of Earth and Mars
- Martian deltas
- Sediment transport modelling
- Flume experiments

Hans Huybrighs


- Atmospheres and magnetospheric interaction of Europa, Ganymede and Callisto
- (Charged) particle motion in planetary environment

Csilla Orgel


- Planetary geology, mineralogy
- Planetary geomorphology
- Impacts
- Geospatial analysis of planetary data
- Spacecraft surface operations

Martin Voelker


- Planetary geology
- Planetary surface processes
- Remote sensing
- Geography



Solar & Terrestrial Science


Charlotte Götz


- Plasma physics, solar wind
- Comets
- Magnetic field measurements, magnetometers

Georgina Graham


- Heliophysics
- Solar Wind
- Plasma Physics

Alexander James


- The Sun
- Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)
- Space Weather

Nils Janitzek


- Space Plasma In-Situ Measurements
- Solar Wind
- Solar Energetic Particles
- Space Weather

Sophie Musset


- High energy solar physics
- Particle acceleration in the solar corona
- Solar flares in X-ray, extreme-UV and radio
- Solar X-ray instrumentation



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A list of former ESA Space Science Research Fellows can be found in the Alumni Portal.


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