Research Fellows

Dedicating 100% of their time at ESA to pure research, Research Fellows in Space Science are a cornerstone of the ESA Space Science Faculty.

Research Fellows are located at ESAC (Madrid), ESTEC (the Netherlands) and the ESA Office at STScI (USA).

For information about applying for an ESA Research Fellowship, or more information in general, please contact Fellowship coordinator.


Current Research Fellows

Divided by research field:

  • Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • Planetary Science
  • Solar & Terrestrial Science

Astronomy & AstrophysicS


Guadalupe Cañas Herrera


- Fundamental cosmology: inflation, modified gravity
- Gravitational-waves
- Statistical Bayesian inference techniques
- machine learning

Quentin Changeat


- Exoplanets
- Atmospheric physics
- Data analysis

Ashley Chrimes


- Extragalactic transients
- Supernova
- Gamma-ray bursts, fast radio bursts
- Gravitational waves
- Stellar evolution, magnetars

Chiara Circosta


- AGN feedback
- Black hole-galaxy co-evolution
- AGN obscuration
- SED fitting
- Multiwavelength surveys

Camille Diez


- High-energy astrophysics
- X-ray binaries
- Neutron stars
- Stellar winds
- Accretion

Katja Fahrion


- Globular clusters
- Nuclear star clusters
- Galaxy formation
- Stellar populations

Oliver Hall


- Asteroseismology of solar-like oscillators
- Stellar rotational evolution
- Gaussian Processes in the time domain
- Hierarchical Bayesian Models

Thibaud Moutard


- Galaxy Evolution
- Galaxy Star Formation / Quenching
- Cosmic Large-Scale Structures
- Large-Scale / Ultra-Deep Multi-Wavelength Surveys

Anna Pala


- Accreting white dwarfs
- Compact binary evolution
- UV and optical spectroscopy
- Accretion physics

Samuel Pearson


- Star formation
- Planet formation
- Brown dwarf formation
- JWST/near-infrared

Alicia Rouco Escorial


- High-energy astrophysics
- X-ray binaries
- Gamma-ray bursts
- Highly magnetized neutron stars
- Multi-wavelength astronomy
- Gravitational waves

Victor See


- Stellar rotation evolution
- Stellar magnetism and activity
- Exoplanetary habitability

Matthew Standing


- Exoplanet research
- Circumbinary planets
- Radial velocity and transit observations
- Data analysis and Bayesian statistics

Sascha Zeegers


- Interstellar medium
- Interstellar dust
- X-ray and Infrared spectroscopy
- X-ray binaries



Planetary science


Rickbir Bahia


- Martian geomorphology
- Martian river valleys and glacial systems
- Geospatial analysis of planetary data
- ExoMars rover simulations

Sarah Boazman


- Geomorphology of the Moon and Mars
- Planetary geological mapping
- Remote sensing
- Monitoring aeolian bedforms on Mars

Eleni Bohacek


- Planetary geology
- Remote sensing
- Computer vision

Lisanne Braat


- Geomorphology of Earth and Mars
- Martian deltas
- Sediment transport modelling
- Flume experiments

Guillaume Cruz-Mermy


- Planetary sciences, icy moons
- Surface ices, geomorphology
- Spectroscopy
- Radiative transfer

Willi Exner


- Magnetospheres of small bodies
- Exosphere interaction with surface and magnetosphere
- Extreme solar winds on magnetospheres

Adam Hepburn


- Subglacial hydrology
- Glacial geomorphology
- Mid-latitude glacial histories of Mars
- Crater chronology

Rozenn Robidel


- Exosphere
- Spectroscopy
- Icy moons
- Mercury

Jack Wright


- Volcanism on Mercury
- Volatile-driven processes on Mercury
- Planetary geological mapping



Solar & Terrestrial Science


Henrik Eklund


- Solar Physics
- Interferometry
- Machine learning

Laura Hayes


- Solar flares (X-rays and multi-wavelength observations)
- Time-series analysis
- Space weather

Sophie Musset


- High energy solar physics
- Particle acceleration in the solar corona
- Solar flares in X-ray, extreme-UV and radio
- Solar X-ray instrumentation

Chris Nelson


- Solar atmosphere
- UV bursts
- Magnetohydrodynamic waves

Andy To


- Solar Physics
- Spectroscopy
- Coronal Composition



Alumni Portal

A list of former ESA Space Science Research Fellows can be found in the Alumni Portal.

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