Exchanging mass, momentum, and ideas:

CONnecting accretion and outflows in Young stellar objects



Scientific rationale

Star and planet formation is a process of rapid mass re-distribution in the forming stellar system and requires an efficient mechanism of angular momentum transport. Viscous accretion and outflows are of paramount importance for the angular momentum evolution. Both processes likely co-exist and appear to be related. Given that our understanding of the accretion and the outflow mechanisms is fragmentary, we must critically review the physical connection between accretion and ejection.

The goal of this workshop is to review what is known about accretion and outflows, and in particular to reveal the physical link(s) between these two phenomena on multiple scales; from inner disk/star to outer disk/large-scale jet processes. This is key to understand disk evolution, to constrain the conditions in which planets form, and to improve our knowledge about star and planet formation in general.  The workshop will bring together people working on the different aspects of accretion and outflow studies. We will discuss recent developments in the fields and how they can be used to link the two processes. Finally, we will speak about current and future facilities that allow us to study the relevant processes in detail in order to coordinate efforts to advance the field.


  • Inner-disk processes: magnetospheric accretion, jet launching, magnetic fields, spatially unresolved observations, short time variability
  • Outer-disk processes: large scale outflows, viscous evolution, disk winds, spatially resolved observations, long-term evolution
  • Angular momentum evolution of disks
  • Current and future observing facilities


  • Silvia Alencar (UFMG, Brazil)
  • Xuening Bai (CfA, USA)
  • Ilaria Pascucci (University of Arizona, USA)
  • Catherine Dougados (IPAG, France)
  • Geoffroy Lesur (IPAG, France)
  • Claudio Zanni (OATO, Italy)


  • Jerome Bouvier (IPAG, France)
  • Sylvie Cabrit (Observatoire de Paris, France)
  • Lee Hartmann (University of Michigan, USA)
  • Antonella Natta (INAF/Arcetri, Italy & DIAS, Ireland)


  • Grainne Costigan (Leiden Observatory)
  • Carlo Felice Manara (ESTEC)
  • Christian Schneider (ESTEC)


For any questions please contact accretion_outflow@cosmos.esa.int.