Exploring the Hot and Energetic Universe:

The first Scientific Conference dedicated to the Athena X-ray Observatory

In addition to the online presentations that will be published below, the following conference related information is available:

8-10 September 2015


Madrid, Spain

Online Presentations

All contributions are listed with title and name of first author. All abstracts and electronic materials, if available, are also stored in the ADS. Electronic versions can be accessed in pdf format by clicking on the titles below.

Oral Presentations

General Information on Athena:

Athena Science: The Hot Universe:

Athena Science: The Hot and Energetic Universe; Synergies:

Athena Science: The Energetic Universe; Synergies:

Athena Science: Observatory:

Celebration Speech:

Poster Presentations

Formation, evolution and physical properties of clusters of galaxies

Cosmic feedback

The missing baryons and the WHIM

Supermassive black hole evolution

Accretion physics and strong gravity

High energy transient phenomena

Solar system and exoplanets

Star formation and evolution

The physics of compact object

Supernovae, supernova remnants and the ISM

Multiwavelength synergies

  • On the nature of Fermi gamma-ray sources, Pablo Saz Parkinson


Scientific Organising Committee

X. Barcons CSIC Santander, ES
D. Barret IRAP Toulouse, FR
L. Brenneman SAO Cambridge, US
M. Cappi INAF-IASF Bologna, IT
A. Decourchelle CEA Saclay, FR
J.-W. den Herder SRON Utrecht, NL
A.C. Fabian IoA Cambridge, UK
H. Matsumoto Nagoya Univ., JP
K. Nandra MPE Garching, DE; Co-chair
T. Ohashi ISAS/JAXA Kanagawa, JP
R. Pareschi INAF-OA Brera, IT
L. Piro INAF Roma, IT; Co-chair
A. Rau MPE Garching, DE
T. Reiprich Univ. Bonn, DE
R. Smith SAO Harvard, US
R. Willingale Univ. Leicester, UK


Local Organising Committee (ESA/ESAC)

Matthias Ehle (chair), Bruno Altieri, Silvia de Castro, Jacobo Ebrero, Monica Fernandez, Ranpal Gill, Coral Gonzalez, Aitor Ibarra, Jari Kajava, Erik Kuulkers, Jan-Uwe Ness, Mercedes Ramos-Lerate, Celia Sanchez, Richard Saxton

Group Photo