INTEGRAL News Archive for 2001


Proceedings 4th INTEGRAL Workshop published

12 December 2001 The proceedings ESA SP-459 of the 4th INTEGRAL workshop ("Exploring the gamma-ray universe") have been published. More information can be found here.

IBIS Detector Unit (FM) delivered to ESA

18 November 2001 The flight model of the IBIS imager detector unit has been delivered to ESA on 18 November 2001. Integration into the spacecraft has been performed subsequently. More details can be found here.

INTEGRAL AO-1 General Observer Programme (open time) approved

23 August 2001 The AO-1 General Observer Programme, as approved by ESA can be found here.
An overview of the complete observing programme including the Core Programme (guaranteed time) observations is provided here.

INTEGRAL Flight Model: payload and service module have been mated

16 August 2001 The payload module and the service module of the INTEGRAL FM have been mated in ESTEC.
Pictures showing the sequence can be viewed here.

INTEGRAL Flight Model arrives at ESTEC for final testing

21 July 2001 After being assembled by prime contractor Alenia Spazio, INTEGRAL has now been delivered to ESTEC in the Netherlands.

Environmental and system tests are now to take place on the gamma-ray observatory in view of a launch in October 2002.

More details can be found here.

Recent INTEGRAL highlights

9 July 2001 The past week(s) saw quite some highlights for INTEGRAL including

  • Formal delivery of SPI to ESA 28/29 June (the SPI FM is in Alenia since May already)
  • IBIS/ISGRI FM delivery 6 July
  • New schedule for launch date for 17/10/2002 due to schedule delay of the IBIS/PICSIT flight model
  • First trucks with spacecraft flight hardware and supporting equipments left the prime contractor Alenia in Torino (Italy) and are arriving at ESTEC, the spacecraft flight model is expected Friday 20 July in ESTEC

Time Allocation Committee peer reviews AO-1 proposals

14 - 18 May 2001 The peer review of the AO-1 guest observer proposals has begun. A story on the event can be found here.

SPI Flight Model arrived at spacecraft

11 May 2001 The SPI Flight Model has arrived at Alenia (Turin, Italy) and is being mounted on the spacecraft. Pictures can be found here.

OMC Principal Investigator

08 May 2001 Dr. Miguel Mas-Hesse (INTA/Madrid) has been nominated PI for the OMC instrument. His predecessor, Dr. Alvaro Gimenez stepped down as PI as he is taking up duties as Head of ESA's Space Science Department as of 01 July.

First results from SPI scientific calibration

18 April 2001 The INTEGRAL Spectrometer SPI is currently in Bruyeres-le-Chatel (F) for the pre-launch scientific calibration on instrument level. First results using radioactive sources at long (~ 125 m) distance can be viewed here.

AO-1 for open time observing proposals

16 February 2001 The deadline for submitting AO-1 open time observing proposals has been reached. Further information can be found in the ISOC Newsletter, #2.