INTEGRAL News archive for 2024



Update to standard PICsIT time resolution

26 January 2024 As of revolution 2662 (2023-07-12) the standard PICsIT time resolution of the spectral timing mode (S8) has been increased to 3.9ms (previously 7.8ms). This increase will improve the science return for bright and short events such as magnetar flares (like the recent one reported by Mereghetti et al., 2023, arXiv: 2312.14645) and GRBs or compact objects. The data will continue to be binned into 8 bins, with the following energy ranges (all in keV): 208–260, 260-312, 312-364, 364-468, 468-572, 572-780, 780,1196 and 1196–2600.

To accommodate this change within the telemetry limits, the PICsIT histogram mode (S7.0/7.1) has been deactivated. The change is transparent to the observers and no change in data reduction procedure is foreseen.

INTEGRAL AO-21 general programme approved

18 January 2024 The INTEGRAL AO-21 General Programme, as recommended by the Time Allocation Committee (TAC) and approved by ESA's Director of Science (Prof. Carole Mundell), has been released and the observers have been informed. The programme can be found here.