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  Name Research interests Site / Status
A Asier Abreu Aramburu Exoplanet Science; Detection and Characterisation; Machine learning and Deep Learning application ESAC   Full
  Julia Alfonso Garzón X-ray binaries, multi-wavelength analysis of X-ray binaries, stellar variability CAB   Assoc.
  Almudena Alonso Herrero Active galactic nuclei, galaxies, infrared CAB   Assoc.
  Bruno Altieri Galaxy clusters, gravitationnel lensing, large scale cosmological surveys, detection os solar system objects in deep surveys ESAC   Full
  Nicolas Altobelli Dust, small bodies, planetary rings, icy moons, astrobiology ESAC   Full
  Catarina Alves de Oliveira Stars: formation, luminosity function, mass function, brown dwarfs; Astronomical instrumentation, methods and techniques; Instrumentation: spectrographs ESAC   Full
  Adrián Aranda Oliva Exoplanets, Cool stars ESAC   Full
  Michele Armano Fundamental physics, quantum field theory, general relativity, gravitation, gravitational waves, orbital mechanics, signal analysis, atomic clocks, multi-messenger geophysics with archeology/hydrocarbon applications ESTEC   Full
  Christophe Arviset Data management and data science ESAC   Full
  Mike Ashman Planetary Science & Exploration ESAC   Assoc.
  Simone Astarita Natural Language Processing; AI for Space; Applications of LLMs; Ethics of AI; Data Science ESAC Trainee Assoc.
B Deborah Baines Archival Science, Science with ESASky, Herbig Ae/Be stars, Optical and Near-IR Spectroscopy, Spectro-astrometry ESAC   Full
  Lucia Ballo Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN): obscuration, accretion physics, accretion disk winds; blazar and relativistic emission; AGN feedback, dual AGN; AGN and starburst galaxies; high-energy astrophysics, X-ray spectroscopy, timing analysis ESAC   Full
  David Barrado Navascues Stars: formation, properties, evolution, stellar age, mass function, brown dwarfs, low-mass and late-type stars; exoplanets; Instrumentation CAB   Assoc.
  Paula Benavidez Lozano Solar system, Asteroids, Near Earth Objects, Hera mission, Collisional process, Kuiper Belt External Assoc.
  Johannes Benkhoff Planets, Mercury, Comets, Surface Modelling, interior ESTEC   Full
  Mark Bentley Space weathering, cometary dust, atomic force microscopy, regolith, discrete element modelling ESAC   Full
  Sebastien Besse Rocks and stuff with rocks ESAC   Full
  Rachana Bhatawdekar High redshift galaxies, gravitational lensing, galaxy formation and evolution, first stars, first galaxies, mass functions, luminosity functions ESAC   Full
  Stephan Birkmann Exoplanets, infrared detectors, star formation ESAC   Full
  Sarah Boazman Planetary Science, Moon, surface processes, Mars, Geology ESTEC RF Assoc.
  Torsten Böker Extragalactic Astronomy - Galactic Nuclei - Nuclear Star Clusters - Massive Black Holes - Astronomical Instrumentation - Infrared Observations - James Webb Space Telescope STScI   Full
  Ross Brandon High-energy astrophysics ESTEC   Assoc.
C José A. Caballero Exoplanets, brown dwarfs, stars, instrumentation CAB   Assoc.
  Luigi Cacciapuoti Fundamental physics, atomic physics, atomic clocks, matter-wave interferometry, ultracold quantum gases ESTEC   Full
  Guadalupe Cañas Herrera Cosmology, Machine Learning, Bayesian analysis ESTEC RF Full
  Juan Luis Cano Near-Earth objects, celestial mechanics, asteroid physical properties, Solar System evolution ESOC   Assoc.
  Nicol Caplin Astrobiology ESTEC   Assoc.
  Paolo Cappuccio Planetary science, fundamental physics, radio science, geodesy and geophysics ESAC   Full
  Virginia Carcelen Aycart Dark matter ESAC   Full
  Alejandro Cardesín-Moinelo Mars, Venus, planetary sciences, science missions, planetary atmospheres ESAC   Full
  Olivier Carraz Laser, Cold Atom interferometry, Quantum physics, Gravimetry ESTEC   Assoc.
  Miguel Cerviño Stellar populations in galaxies; Starburst galaxies; Active Galactic Nuclei; X-ray binaries; stellar structure and evolution CAB   Assoc.
  Quentin Changeat Exoplanet atmospheres, Modeling, JWST, HST, Ariel STScI RF Full
  Marco Chiaberge Active Galactic Nuclei, Radio Loud AGN, Supermassive black holes, Gravitational Waves, Human space flight and astronaut health STScI   Full
  Ashley Chrimes Extragalactic transients, supernova, gamma-ray bursts, fast radio bursts, gravitational waves, stellar evolution, magnetars ESTEC RF Full
  Chiara Circosta Galaxy evolution; Active galactic nuclei; Feedback and outflows; Galaxy surveys ESAC RF Full
  Christopher Clark Multiwavelength investigation of the ISM as a window onto galaxy evolution STScI   Full
  Daniela Coia High redshift Universe; planetary geospatial information (Earth included) ESAC   Full
  Luigi Colangeli Planetary science, small bodies, laboratory simulations ESTEC   Full
  Luca Conversi Near-Earth object; planetary defence; instrumentation; cosmology ESRIN   Assoc.
  Thomas Cornet Planetary Surfaces, VIS-NIR Spectroscopy, Photometry, Landscape Evolution Modeling, Comparative Planetology, Geomorphology, Icy moons, Titan, Mercury ESAC   Full
  Cian Crowley Radiation environments and effects on detectors in space, CCD detectors, Optical instrumentation, Evolved stars, UV spectroscopy ESAC   Full
  Patricia Cruz Stellar astrophysics, fundamental properties, low-mass and late-type stars, eclipsing binaries, planet-host stars. Photometry and spectroscopy. Virtual observatories and astronomical archives. CAB   Assoc.
  Guillaume Cruz-Mermy Planetary sciences, surface ices, spectroscopy, radiative transfer, geomorphology, icy moons ESAC RF Full
D Anne Daniels Science communication on various astrophysics missions ESTEC YGT Assoc.
  Jos de Bruijne Astrometry, Milky Way, star clusters, stars, galactic archeology ESTEC   Full
  Marjorie Decleir Interstellar dust in Milky Way and nearby galaxies; dust extinction in the Milky Way; dust depletion, abundances, attenuation in nearby galaxies STScI RF Full
  Emma de Cocker Web architecture ESTEC YGT Assoc.
  Anik De Groof Solar physics: coronal dynamics and heating, large scale structures in the middle corona ESAC   Full
  Ignacio de la Calle AGN, Blazars X-ray emission ESAC   Full
  Guido De Marchi Star formation, star clusters, circumstellar discs, ISM, extinction ESTEC   Full
  Juan de Pablos Space computational simulation, numerical methods, mission analysis, multibody analysis, solid/structural mechanics, uncertainty quantification, machine learning ESAC   Assoc.
  Camille Diez High-energy astrophysics, X-ray binaries, Neutron stars, Stellar winds, Accretion ESAC RF Full
  Miguel Doctor Yuste AI applications to support science and operations; Large Language Models; Collaborative Methods; Multidisciplinary Lifelong learning; Green Software; Radio occultation ESAC   Full
  Albert Domingo Scientific Satellites; Optical Astronomy; Instrumentation and Data Analysis; Variable Stars CAB   Assoc.
  Mark Drinkwater Cryosphere, Ocean, instrumentation, gravimetry, planetary analogues, climate change ESTEC   Assoc.
  Xavier Dupac Cosmology, Cosmic Microwave Background, galaxies, interstellar medium ESAC   Full
E Jacobo Ebrero Carrero Active Galactic Nuclei, high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy, large-scale structure and cosmic evolution ESAC   Full
  Matthias Ehle ISM and IGM of nearby galaxies; galaxy - cluster interactions; cosmic magnetic fields; high-energy astronomy; radio astronomy ESAC   Full
  Henrik Eklund Solar Physics, Interferometry, Machine learning ESTEC RF Full
  Alfredo Escalante Lopez Machine Learning, Astrodynamics, GNC, Small Bodies, Moon, Planetary Science, Data Science ESAC   Assoc.
  C. Philippe Escoubet Plasma and fields data investigations. Solar wind-Magnetosphere interaction. Polar cusp, magnetopause, magnetosheath. ESTEC   Full
  Christopher Evans Massive stars, stellar evolution, Magellanic Clouds, instrumentation STScI   Full
  Hugh Evans Radiation belt, spinning spacecraft, solar particles, cosmic rays, data ESTEC   Assoc.
  Willi Exner Mercury, Magnetosphere, Field-Aligned Currents, Exospheres, BepiColombo, Ganymede, JUICE ESTEC RF Full
F Zoe Faes Heliophysics, Star Formation, Star-Planetary Disk Interactions, Interstellar Medium, Astrophysical Plasma, Machine Learning ESAC YGT Assoc.
  Katja Fahrion Galaxy evolution, nuclear star clusters, globular clusters, star formation, star cluster formation ESTEC RF Full
  Elena Favaro Mars geology/gemorphology; ExoMars Mission; Rosalind Franklin Rover ESTEC RF Full
  Jorge Fernandez Hernandez Quantum mechanics, astronomy and software (GPU and databases) ESAC   Full
  Pierre Ferruit Extragalactic astronomy; galaxy formation and evolution; instrumentation ESAC   Full
  Catherine Fischer Solar physics; spectropolarimetry ESAC   Full
  Travis Fischer Active Galactic Nuclei, IFU spectroscopy, optical/infrared/radio astronomy STScI   Full
  Nicolas Floury Interaction of electromagnetic waves with natural environment. Forward and inverse modelling. Remote sensing algorithms and techniques. Applications to Earth science and to planetary science. ESTEC   Assoc.
  Andrew Fox Milky Way, Local Group, Interstellar Medium, Circumgalactic Medium, Galactic Center, Magellanic Clouds, Galaxy Evolution, UV Astronomy STScI   Full
  Emilio Fraile Garcia Mars water, Remote sensing, Auroras, Exoplanets ESAC   Full
  Felix Fuerst X-ray binaries, Ultra-luminous X-ray sources, accretion ESAC   Full
G Nelly Gaillard Machine Learning, deep Learning applications in astronomy, astrophysics and space in general ESAC YGT Assoc.
  MariCruz Gálvez Ortiz Cool stars, brown dwarfs, exoplanets, multiplicity, stellar activity, spectroscopy, VO CAB   Assoc.
  Pedro García-Lario Stellar Evolution - AGB stars - Planetary Nebulae ESAC   Full
  Macarena Garcia Marin AGN, Interacting Galaxies, High Redshift galaxies STScI   Full
  Panagiotis Gavras Binary stars; Variable stars; Machine learning technics ESAC   Full
  Bernhard Geiger Planetary Science ESAC   Full
  Giovanna Giardino Studies of the formation and evolution of galaxies / star-formation regions and exoplanets ESTEC   Assoc.
  Margherita Giustini Supermassive black holes, active galactic nuclei, quasi-periodic eruptions, X-ray astronomy, high-energy astrophysics, cosmic feedback, galaxy evolution. CAB   Assoc.
  Pablo Gómez Data science, machine learning, semi-supervised learning, physics-informed neural networks, differentiable programming, astrophysics, astrodynamics, orbit determination, inverse problems, numerical modeling, image processing ESAC   Full
  Rosario Gonzalez-Riestra CV, X-Rays ESAC   Full
  Björn Grieger Planetary science, cosmology, quantum computing, machine learning ESAC   Full
  Victoria Grinberg X-ray binaries, accretion/ejection processes, massive stars, clumpy stellar winds, jets, black holes, neutron stars, X-ray astronomy, instrumentation, time domain astronomy, high resolution X-ray spectroscopy, astronomy and society, climate impact ESTEC   Full
  Matteo Guainazzi Accreting black holes. High-energy astrophysics. Operations and calibration of space high-energy detectors ESTEC   Full
  Maximilian Günther Exoplanets, Stellar Flares, Habitability ESTEC   Full
  Esin Gulbahar X-ray Astronomy, Dark Energy, SN Cosmology, Quasars ESAC YGT Assoc.
H Saskia Hagan-Fellowes High Redshift Galaxies, Galaxy Evolution, Gravitational Lensing, Galaxy Clusters, Machine Learning, Planetary Science, Instrumentation ESAC Trainee Assoc.
  Christiane Hahn Life sciences, biology ESTEC   Assoc.
  Laura Hayes Solar physics; solar flares; high-energy solar physics ESTEC RF Full
  David Heather Moon, volcanology, remote sensing, mineralogy, impact craters, lunar water, ISRU, exosphere ESTEC   Full
  Ana M. Heras Debris disks, using e.g. Herschel observations - Multi-band observations of exoplanet transits for the study of the stellar activity and planetary atmospheres - Artificial Intelligence applications to the study of exoplanet transits - Preparatory scientific activities for the PLATO mission ESTEC   Full
  Laura Hermosa Muñoz Galactic outflows in active galactic nuclei and feedback effects CAB   Assoc.
  Svea Hernandez Star-forming galaxies, stellar abundances, young stellar populations, metallicities, star formation regions, UV spectroscopy, nearby galaxies STScI   Full
  Kaori Hirata Planetary surface elemental composition, Nature of planetary building blocks, Methodology development for remote sensing data analysis, Mercury, Martian moons" External   Assoc.
  Nuria Huelamo Star formation; brown dwarf and planet formation; circumstellar disks CAB   Assoc.
  Gaitee Hussain Stellar activity, exoplanets, star and planet formation ESTEC   Full
I Nick Indriolo Interstellar medium, cosmic rays, astrochemistry, high mass protostars STScI   Full
  Kate Isaak Extragalactic astronomy, exoplanets, exoplanet-focussed education activities ESTEC   Full
  Dario Izzo Astrodynamics, AI, Guidance, Control, Biomimetics, Computer Science. ESTEC   Assoc.
J Bethan James Physical and chemical properties of low-metallicity star-forming galaxies throughout the Universe STScI   Full
  Miho Janvier Solar Physics, Heliophysics, Solar System ESTEC   Full
  Oliver Jennrich Gravitational waves, general reltivity, metrology ESTEC   Full
  Piers Jiggens space radiation and plasma, space weather, space environment and effects ESTEC   Assoc.
  Elena Jimenez Bailon Active Galactic Nuclei, X-ray astronomy, Clusters of Galaxies, Star Formation ESAC   Assoc.
  Fran Jiménez-Esteban Stellar evolution; from Asymptotic Giant Branch to White Dwarf; Virtual Observatory; Data Mining; Archives CAB   Assoc.
K Jari Kajava X-ray binaries, black holes, neutron stars, X-ray bursts, accretion processes, tidal disruption events, multi-wavelength observations, data processing ESAC   Full
  Sarah Kendrew Infrared astronomy, instrumentation and technology, galaxy evolution, transiting exoplanets STScI   Full
  Markus Kissler-Patig Astrobiology, Exoplanets, Astronomical instrumentation ESAC   Full
  Detlef Koschny Small bodies in the solar system; cameras; Mars External Assoc.
  Stavros Kotsiaros Planetary magnetospheres, Magnetic fields, Earth, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars ESAC Full
  Peter Kretschmar Accreting X-ray pulsars, Be stars, winds of massive stars, mechanisms of accretion ESAC   Full
  Sandor Kruk Data Science, Machine Learning, Crowdsourcing, Natural Language Processing, Galaxy Evolution, Galaxy Morphology, Solar System Objects, Education, Public Engagement ESAC   Full
  Nimisha Kumari Epoch of Reionization, High redshift galaxies and their local analogues, star-forming galaxies, emission line galaxies, Star-forming regions, diffuse ionised gas, compact high-velocity clouds, Physics of the interstellar medium, chemical abundances, metallicity gradients, Metallicity scaling relations, Metallicity diagnostics, Schmidt relation of star-formation STScI   Full
  Michael Küppers Process of Cometary activity, cometary formation and evolution, water in the solar system, asteroid surface and regolith, planetary defence. ESAC   Full
  Erik Kuulkers X and gamma-ray astronomy ESTEC   Full
L Alvaro Labiano Ortega AGN, active galaxies, ISM, feedback, outflows, galaxy evolution. ESAC   Full
  Kirsten Larson Stellar populations, star clusters and stellar associations, star formation and the interstellar medium, star-forming galaxies, luminous infrared galaxies, and galaxy mergers STScI   Full
  Virginia Lenk JWST archive and AGN classification ESAC   Assoc.
  Jorge Lillo-Box Exoplanets CAB   Assoc.
  Tanya Lim IR astronomy, Mars ESAC   Full
  Alvaro Llorente GRBs and alternative theories of gravity ESAC   Full
  Marcos López-Caniego Cosmic microwave background, compact source detection and characterization, multi-wavelength compact source science, deep learning ESAC   Full
  Theresa Lueftinger Exoplanets, exoplanet atmospheres, stellar activity and stellar magnetic fields, star-planet interaction ESTEC   Full
  Nora Lützgendorf Intermediate-mass black holes, globular clusters, N-body simulations, Galactic Center ESTEC   Full
M Alan J Macfarlane Data Science, Machine Learning, Planetary Science, Cosmology ESAC   Assoc.
  Arnaud Mahieux Venus atmosphere composition, radiative transfer and dynamics, cryovolcanism on Europa and Enceladus. ESAC   Full
  Jesús Maíz Apellániz Massive stars, interstellar medium, stellar clusters, Galactic structure, surveys calibration. CAB   Assoc.
  Elena Manjavacas Low-mass stars, brown dwarfs, giant exoplanets STScI   Full
  Pablo Marcos-Arenal Astronomical instrumentation, exoplanets, data processing, mission planning, simulations ESAC   Full
  Julia Marín-Yaseli de la Parra Cometary sciences, dust particles, meteors, small bodies, image processing ESAC   Full
  Waldemar Martens Astrodynamics, Mission Analysis, Gravitational Waves, LISA, Parameter Estimation ESOC   Assoc.
  Patrick Martin Mars surface science ESAC   Full
  Nikolaus Martindale Machine Learning, JWST, Asteroids ESAC Trainee Assoc.
  Juan Manuel Martin Fleitas Astronomical Instrumentation. Astrometry ESAC   Full
  Pedro Mas Buitrago Application of machine learning techniques to astronomical surveys CAB   Assoc.
  J. Miguel Mas Hesse Extragalactic astronomy; formation and evolution of massive stars; Lyman alpha emission; space instrumentation CAB   Assoc.
  Arnaud Masson Space plasma physics, Solar Physics, Information architecture, data mining ESAC   Full
  Gabriele Matzeu AGN ultra-fast outflows (UFOs) and feedback; SMBH accretion physics; Radiative transfer emulation methods; Compton-thick AGNs ESAC   Full
  Francesca McDonald Planetary formation and evolution, geology, geochemistry, volatiles, history of the Solar System, exploration science, noble gases, return samples, planetary environments and exospheres ESTEC   Assoc.
  Paul McNamara Low Frequency Gravitational waves ESTEC   Full
  Luis Mendes Primordial Gravitational Waves, LISA, Navigation, Tests of General Relativity with GNSS, Dark Matter detection with GNSS ESAC   Full
  Ignacio Mendigutia Star and Planet formation. Protoplanetary Disks Around Young Stars. Observational Techniques in Astronomy CAB   Assoc.
  Charlotte Meral Planetary science, astrophysics and mission design and analysis ESAC   Assoc.
  Bruno Merín Star and planet formation, disk evolution ; Exoplanets : formation and evolution in the Galaxy; Infrared and multi-wavelength astronomy; machine learning and computational statistics; Space data science ESAC   Full
  Helen Rose Middleton Solar system plasmas ESAC   Full
  Simone Migliari Black holes and neutron stars, accretion, relativistic jets - SKA, MeerKAT: Radio Transients Working Group; eXTP: Strong Field Gravity Working Group ESAC   Full
  Paulo Miles-Páez Very low-mass stars, brown dwarfs, exoplanets, atmospheres CAB   Assoc.
  Mark Millinger Meteoroid, small debris, dust, MMOD, hypervelocity impact, partiulate, in-situ instrument, comet, asteroid, meteor ESTEC   Assoc.
  Matilde Mingozzi Galaxy Evolution, Emission-line galaxies, Interstellar medium, Chemical Adundances, Metal-poor dwarf galaxies, UV/Optical/IR/Submm Spectroscopy, High Redshift Galaxies, Local High-z Analogs STScI   Full
  Giovanni Miniutti Supermassive black holes, Active Galactic Nuclei, Accretion, X-ray astronomy, Tidal Disruption Events, Quasi-Periodic Eruptions CAB   Assoc.
  Richard Moissl NEOs, Asteroids, Comets, Interplanetary Dust, Space Weather, Planetary Atmospheres and Surfaces ESTEC   Assoc.
  Elsa Montagnon Mission management, science operations, support people's growth, connect people, outreach ESAC   Full
  Alcione Mora Instrumentation, exoplanets, star formation, astrometry, cosmology ESAC   Full
  Maria Morales Calderon Low-mass star formation. Protoplanetary disks. Brown dwarfs and exoplanets CAB   Assoc.
  Thibaud Moutard Galaxy Evolution, Galaxy Star Formation / Quenching, Cosmic Large-Scale Structures, Large-Scale / Ultra-Deep Multi-Wavelength Surveys ESAC RF Full
  Daniel Müller Solar physics, data science ESTEC   Full
  Carlos Muñiz Solaz Plantetary Science; Mars; Mercury; Jupiter ESAC   Assoc.
  Raquel Murillo Ojeda White dwarfs CAB   Assoc.
N Chris Nelson Solar Physics, Dynamics in the Solar Atmosphere, Coronal Heating ESTEC   Full
  Jan-Uwe Ness X-ray observations of Classical Nova in outburst; Super Soft Sources; Stellar Activity and Stellar Coronae ESAC   Full
  Sami-Matias Niemi Extragalactic astronomy, galaxy formation and evolution, cosmological simulations, gravitational lensing, instrumentation ESTEC   Full
  Iris Nijman Communications ESTEC   Full
O Francisco Ocaña NEOs, Asteroids, Meteors, Instrumentation, Light pollution, Site characterisation ESAC   Assoc.
  Joana S. Oliveira Core + crustal magnetic fields of rocky planets, Mercury, Moon, Terrestrial analogs, Mars, BepiColombo, Juice ESAC   Full
  Csilla Orgel Planetary geology, planetary mapping, planetary surface processes, impact processes, future landing sites, Moon, Mars, Mercury ESTEC   Assoc.
  Laurence O'Rourke Comets & Asteroids - planetary science in general ESAC   Full
  Antonio Ortega Pérez Stellar astrophysics, in particular research on cataclysmic variables and semi-detached binaries ESAC   Full
  David O'Ryan Galaxies; interacting galaxies; active galactic nuclei; galaxy evolution; galaxy environment; machine learning; galaxy catalogues; stellar populations; numerical simulations; galaxy morphology; CAB   Assoc.
  Rafał Osadnik Data Science, Computer Vision, Machine learning in space science and aerospace engineering, Fundamental AI research, Aeronautics ESAC   Assoc.
P Anna Francesca Pala Accreting white dwarfs, Compact binary evolution, Accretion physics ESAC RF Full
  Samuel Pearson Star formation, planet formation, brown dwarf formation, JWST, near-infrared ESTEC RF Full
  Jose Vicente Perea-Calderon Science data processing. X-ray astronomy. Infrared astronomy. High performance computing. Software development. ESAC   Assoc.
  Inès Pérez Computer Science; software engineering; data science; artificial intelligence; embedded systems in aerospace ESAC Trainee Assoc.
  Ana María Pérez García Galaxy clusters, galaxy evolution, AGNs, exoplanets, proto-brown dwarfs CAB   Assoc.
  Ricardo Pérez Martínez Galaxy Evolution. Galaxy Clusters. Machine Learning applied to galaxy classification. The low surface brightness Universe. Large scale structure. ESAC   Full
  Valeria Pettorino Cosmology, dark energy, gravity, statistics, space science, science diplomacy. ESTEC   Full
  Nor Pirzkal Star forming galaxies at low, intermediate and high redshifts. Slitless spectroscopy and related application expert. STScI   Full
  Timo Prusti Star formation ESTEC   Full
R Pablo Ramirez Moreta NEOs, planetary defence, Local Universe galaxies, optical telescopes design and instrumentation ESAC   Assoc.
  Mercedes Ramos-Lerate Star formation and interstellar medium components, hyper velocity star and black holes in globular clusters, astrometry, space surveillance by analysis of debris (orbital determination) ESAC   Full
  Tim Rawle Galaxy clusters; gravitational lensing; high redshift galaxies; infrared surveys ESAC   Full
  Holly Raynor Planetary science, mapping, topology, minerology, data processing ESAC YGT Assoc.
  Isabel Rebollido Vázquez Exoplanetary systems; exo minor bodies (comets, asteroids, moons); astrobiology; circumstellar environmental effects on life ESAC RF Full
  Jan Reerink Machine learning, artificial intelligence ESAC   Full
  Emily Rickman Exoplanets, high-contrast imaging, radial velocities, astrometry, brown dwarfs, dynamical masses, orbit fitting, atmospheric characterization STScI   Full
  Lucie Riu Martian mineralogy, exobiology, asteroid surfaces ESAC   Full
  Rozenn Robidel Exosphere; spectroscopy; icy moons; Mercury ESAC RF Full
  Laura Rodríguez García Distribution of solar energetic particles in heliosphere; Space Weather; coronal mass ejections (CMEs) ESAC RF Full
  Tineke Roegiers Gaia mission, science communications ESTEC   Full
  Linn Roos Galaxies, star clusters ESTEC   Assoc.
  Alicia Rouco Escorial High-energy astrophysics / X-ray binaries / Gamma-ray bursts / Highly magnetized neutron stars / Multi-wavelength astronomy / Gravitational waves ESAC RF Full
  Kate Rowlands Galaxy evolution, quenching galaxies, galaxy transformation, post-starburst galaxies, dust, gas in galaxies, SED fitting STScI   Full
S Johannes Sahlmann Exoplanets, brown dwarfs, binary stars, astrometry, instrumentation, signal processing ESAC   Full
  Emilio Salazar Doñate Machine learning, Data science ESAC   Assoc.
  Carmen Sánchez Contreras Evolved stars, AGB, post-AGB, Planetary Nebula, mass-loss, bipolar winds, astrochemistry, radioastronomy, single-dish and intereferometric techniques, binarity, jet launching, radio recombination lineas, molecular line emision, radiative transfer modeling CAB   Assoc.
  Maria Santos-Lleo Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), Active and Starburst galaxies, Black hole and accretion physics, high energy astrophysics ESAC   Full
  Jorge Sanz Forcada Exoplanets, stellar coronae, stellar atmospheres, cool stars CAB   Assoc.
  Richard Saxton TDE, AGN ESAC   Full
  Norbert Schartel AGN, BH ESAC   Full
  Victor See Stellar magnetism, stellar activity, stellar winds, stellar rotation ESTEC RF Full
  Elliot Sefton-Nash Composition, distribution and role of volatiles in solar system habitats; sites for future science and exploration; GIS and numerical modelling; properties and interactions between interiors, surfaces and atmospheres ESTEC   Full
  Jorge Simón Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Software Quality, Astrodynamics, Flight Dynamics, Trajectory Optimization ESAC   Assoc.
  Marco Sirianni Instrumentation, Imaging and spectroscopic techniques, photometric systems, UV-Optical-IR detectors, radiation damage STScI   Full
  Enrique Solano Virtual Observatory, astronomical archives, stellar and substellar astrophysics, transients CAB   Assoc.
  Paule Sonnentrucker Physics and chemistry of interstellar medium and star forming regions with multi-wavelength spectroscopy STScI   Full
  Matthew Standing Exoplanet research, circumbinary planets, radial velocity and transit observations, PLATO, data analysis, Bayesian statistics ESAC RF Full
  Anamarija Stankov Asteroseismology; Exoplanets; Icy moos of the Solar System; Ice giant planets of the Solar System ESTEC   Full
  Anne Grete Straume-Lindner Planetary science and Earth observation, Venus, Earth, atmosphere, optical and microwave remote sensing, dynamics, geology, geodesy, space environment ESTEC   Full
  Martin Stuhlinger X-rays ESAC   Full
T Jan Tauber Cosmology, Interstellar Medium External Assoc.
  Matt Taylor Heliophysics ESTEC   Full
  David Teyssier Instrumentation, calibration, FIR/submm spectroscopy, circumstellar envelopes ESAC   Full
  Andy To Solar Physics, Spectroscopy, Coronal Composition ESTEC RF Full
  Laura Tomás Active galactic nuclei, starbursts, interacting galaxies ESAC   Full
V Claire Vallat Icy moons exosphere, plasma ESAC   Full
  Ivan Valtchanov Galaxy clusters, galaxies, high redshift, cosmology, data processing, space telescopes, X-ray, infrared, FIR, submm, machine learning ESAC   Full
  Angelique Van Ombergen Life sciences, space medicine, psychology, physiology, neuroscience, analogues ESTEC   Assoc.
  Roland Vavrek Precision cosmology experimentation, optical and infrared instruments calibration, low-mass start formation phenomena, structure of the interstellar matter, Solar System object surveys, low surface brightness imaging ESAC   Full
  Emma Vellard Data environment for JUICE and BepiColombo ESTEC YGT Assoc.
  Javier Ventura-Traveset Scientific aspects of GNSS / Satellite Navigation, including General relativity, relativistic positioning, ionosphere / space weather, metrology; lunar exploration using GNSS technologies ESAC   Assoc.
  Eva Verdugo A-type supergiants. T-Tauri stars. Exoplanets. Stellar winds. Accretion disks. Stellar magnetic fields. UV Astronomy. ESAC   Full
  Helena Vicente de Castro Artificial Intelligence; quantum ESTEC   Full
  Sebastien Vincent-Bonnieu Fluid physics and complex fluids ESTEC   Assoc.
W Andrew Walsh Heliophysics, space plasma physics, solar wind, magnetosphere dynamics and strucutre, magnetotail, plasma sheet, aurora ESAC   Full
  Laura Watkins Globular clusters, dwarf galaxies, dynamical modelling, proper motions, hst, jwst, gaia, stellar kinematics, milky way, astrometry, local group, resolved stellar populations STScI   Full
  David Williams Solar physics, flares, coronal mass ejections, prominence formation, filaments, active regions, magnetic fields, elemental composition ESAC   Full
  Colin Wilson Mars, Venus, Titan, atmospheres, instrumentation, Mars Express, ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter ESTEC   Full
  Rosie Wilson Space Weather; Heliospheric Modelling; Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs); Asteroid Classification; Polarimetry ESOC YGT Assoc.
  Olivier Witasse Planetary sciences, heliophysics ESTEC   Full
  Jack Wright Planetary geology, geological mapping, Mercury, BepiColombo ESAC RF Full
Z María Rosa Zapatero Osorio Exoplanets; brown dwarfs; stellar and planetary formation; planetary systems; star formation regions CAB   Assoc.
  Sascha Zeegers Interstellar dust, Interstellar medium, X-ray astronomy, Infrared astronomy ESTEC RF Full
  Peter Zeidler Young star clusters, internal cluster kinematics, pre-main-sequence stars, young stellar objects STScI   Full
  Yannis Zouganelis Heliophysics ESAC   Full